Saturday, July 4, 2020

Is it time to cry, Argentina?

EVER since the English annexation of Argentina in 1982, the Argentines spend the time from June 14 to July 9 (their independence day) protesting English rule. Despite English attempts to better integrate Argentina into the Empire with large investments in economic and social programs, a majority of Argentines still favour independence, with 64% in favour according to a London Times poll conducted just last month.

This year, the protests grew particularly violent, leading to the Imperial Army being dispatched to quell the riots.

So, it should come as no surprise that we see the above from the Persian Sunflower, AKA Saaedeh Pavlavhi, posted to her account on MedievalMates. This weekend, for some bizarre reason, Clancy's Tavern- a large, "English-style" pub + nightclub that is a favourite among those in the independence movement- booked the Persian socialite and pretend DJ to kick off their "Independence Week" festivities, which brings out the Porteni by the thousands.

Or at least it should, until the Tavern unexpectedly closed as can be seen by Pavlavhi's post. Neither Pavlavhi, Tavern owner Clancy Fitsgibbons, Argentine officials or English officials have commented on the closure, but just looking at the picture it's obvious what's going on.

Yup, you guessed it- the Byzantine flu.

How many times are the Virtue Federation- and especially the English- going to keep trotting out the flu in a vain attempt to keep their population in check? It shouldn't just be a mere coincidence that the places that have become "unruly" seem to always get outbreaks of the Byzantine flu, while more behaved quieter areas never get them.

I mean, if the Federation claims the Byzantine flu is "still a threat" despite the worst of the pandemic subsiding some eight years ago, shouldn't every place get an outbreak every now and then? Why do they only occur where there's protesters?

I'll tell you why- because Virtue knows it's still useful, because enough of their population is still too stupid afraid of the disease that they'll quickly fall back in line and quit whining about whatever it is they were whining about. No matter how many times it becomes more and more obvious that Virtue are hoodwinking their own people the Federation's citizens keep on falling for it, and as long as they keep doing it, Virtue will keep on going back to it.

That's enough to make me sick. Blech.

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