Monday, April 5, 2021

What are we saving?

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What are we saving? Is it even worth it anymore?

They tell me they're trying to save lives but as the days move on and the pandemic continues with no end in sight, I'm not sure there will be anything left to save.

They tell me to sit tight, have hope and be patient, but the days continue to drag on, the patience withers away until there is none.

I tell them that I'm tired of waiting and I long for my old life to come back.

They tell me to stop being selfish, because what I need doesn't matter. Lives are at stake, so I must sacrifice to save them.

However, I have already sacrificed so much that now, I have nothing else left to give. I have almost lost everything, and the longer this goes on, I will have lost everything.

Do my cries of despair mean nothing?

Must I always continue to bleed, and bleed some more, while those that tell me to bleed do nothing to replenish what I have lost?

How much longer must we carry on, sacrificing...bleeding...waiting?

They tell me it doesn't matter because lives are at stake...but, my life is now at stake. Does my life not matter?

Is my life not worth saving?

Help me, please, let me understand...because you've done nothing for me.

Worse, as the sickened and the dead pile up, it seems you've done nothing to save the lives you claim you want to save.

You claim I should want to help them, but I see there's nothing I can do to help them, and you won't do anything to help them either.

So tell me, how much longer must this charade go on?

How much longer must we continue living this lie?

Ultimately again...

What are we saving?

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