Thursday, April 1, 2021

If this is the team that's supposed to save the world...we're doomed.



"" (Virus Editor's watermark)

"Pictured: From L-R- Mundiali Supervisory Commander Donald Diego, Mundiali Spokeswoman Lillith Gray, Medic HERO Jasmine "Jazzy" Farid, HERO Brock Tyson, Super HERO John "Johnny Commando" Silverman,
Sidekick HERO Charlotte Marquis, HERO Miko Eridu, HERO Reginald "Reggie" Carson, Investigator HERO Saoirse Aisling.
Vehicle: HERO Tank. Setting: Fort Erie Complex, Buffalo, Roman New York"

"The Honoured Ever Ready Operative (HERO) unit of the Mundiali- 
the world's most advanced and skilled SWAT unit."

"Led by the legendary Johnny Commando, the HEROes specialize in dealing with the most dangerous criminal situations in the world. They are more than just
a peacekeeping unit or a strike force, as they are highly trained in investigations and investigative procedures, able to fulfill any policing need.

Do you need a HERO today?"

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